Java SDK for Azure Durable Functions and Task Framework

This repo contains the Java SDK for the Durable Task Framework as well as classes and annotations to support running Azure Durable Functions for Java. With this SDK, you can define, schedule, and manage durable orchestrations using ordinary Java code.

Simple, fault-tolerant sequences

// *** Simple, fault-tolerant, sequential orchestration ***
String result = "";
result += ctx.callActivity("SayHello", "Tokyo", String.class).await() + ", ";
result += ctx.callActivity("SayHello", "London", String.class).await() + ", ";
result += ctx.callActivity("SayHello", "Seattle", String.class).await();
return result;

Reliable fan-out / fan-in orchestration pattern

// Get the list of work-items to process
List<?> batch = ctx.callActivity("GetWorkBatch", List.class).await();

// Schedule each task to run in parallel
List<Task<Integer>> parallelTasks =
        .map(item -> ctx.callActivity("ProcessItem", item, Integer.class))

// Wait for all tasks to complete, then return the aggregated sum of the results
List<Integer> results = ctx.allOf(parallelTasks).await();
return, Integer::sum);

Long-running human interaction pattern (approval workflow)

ApprovalInfo approvalInfo = ctx.getInput(ApprovalInfo.class);
ctx.callActivity("RequestApproval", approvalInfo).await();

Duration timeout = Duration.ofHours(72);
try {
    // Wait for an approval. A TaskCanceledException will be thrown if the timeout expires.
    boolean approved = ctx.waitForExternalEvent("ApprovalEvent", timeout, boolean.class).await();

    ctx.callActivity("ProcessApproval", approvalInfo).await();
} catch (TaskCanceledException timeoutEx) {
    ctx.callActivity("Escalate", approvalInfo).await();

Eternal monitoring orchestration

JobInfo jobInfo = ctx.getInput(JobInfo.class);
String jobId = jobInfo.getJobId();

String status = ctx.callActivity("GetJobStatus", jobId, String.class).await();
if (status.equals("Completed")) {
    // The job is done - we can exit now
    ctx.callActivity("SendAlert", jobId).await();
} else {
    // wait N minutes before doing the next poll
    Duration pollingDelay = jobInfo.getPollingDelay();

    // restart from the beginning

return null;

Maven Central packages

The following packages are produced from this repo.

PackageLatest version
Durable Task - ClientMaven Central
Durable Task - Azure FunctionsMaven Central

Getting started with Azure Functions

For information about how to get started with Durable Functions for Java, see the Azure Functions content.

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Java SDK for Azure Durable Functions and Task Framework
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