Solidity REPL: A Node-like REPL for Solidity

solidity repl

REPL Screenshot


# requires local RPC client
$ npm install -g ganache-cli

# install
$ npm install -g solidity-repl

Dependending on your permissions, you may need a bigger hammer:

sudo npm install -g solidity-repl --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root


# Run RPC client on port 8545
$ ganache-cli

$ solr
Welcome to the Solidity REPL!
> uint a = 10
> uint b = 20
> a + b
> msg.sender

Help Wanted

Here are some features that are great candidates for pull requests! Start an issue to let me know you are working on it.

  1. Make it work in the browser!
  2. Fix 1 ether
  3. Fix this
  4. Add support for function declarations.
  5. Add up and down arrow

Developer Notes

  • bignumber.js is included because it is missing from a dependency

Download details:

Author:  raineorshine

License: ISC license

#ethereum #solidity #blockchain 

Solidity REPL: A Node-like REPL for Solidity
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