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Top 20 C++ Projects With Source Code [2023]

C is an acronym for Computer Programming Language created by Bjarne Stroustrup, used for general-purpose, object-oriented programming (OOP). C++ was initially known as "C++ with classes" because it featured all of the characteristics of the C++ language user-defined data types called "classes." In 1983, the name was changed to C++. Doing a few practice C++ projects in any language is the easiest way to get started. Skimming through a book adds valuable knowledge, but it's not an excellent approach to learning essential skills. Working on a few C++ projects is one of the most acceptable ways to understand how the features of C++ function behind the scenes, along with taking a web design and development course. So, here are some of the C++ projects for beginners, intermediate, experts, and With Source Code

C++ Projects for Beginners

Here we have some of the C++ Projects for beginners.

Bank Management System Using C++

Because of how intensive and thorough an online bank management system project in c++ can be, it is one of the most practical C++ projects. Beginners can experiment with deposits, withdrawals, inquiries, and exit activities. It is a good project for you to understand the fundamentals of banking apps and code sourcing methodologies.

You can download the Source Code here.

Student Management System Using C++

This is one of the most popular introductory C++ projects. It's the type of project you should do if you're a novice looking for something to push you. You will design a system for this student management system in which students can change their information, submit assignments, and take examinations. At the same time, teachers will access it to assign tasks, grade individuals, and add or edit information.

You can download the Source Code here.

Bookshop Management System Using C++

This is a fantastic way to improve your C++ abilities. You need to create an application that allows clients to add and display books. Furthermore, it will assist clients in changing their books by modifying them or adding or removing pages. Develop a user-friendly interface that is simple to access and utilize.

You can download the Source code here

Login and Registration System Using C++

This is one of the best c++ projects for beginners to learn about file systems and C++ file extensions in C++. The project has a user registration procedure in which a username and password are requested. A user file containing the credentials is produced after a successful registration. If the user does not exist, an error message will be displayed upon login. In addition, you will learn how to leverage Visual Studio to develop a small project.

You can download the source code here.

Car Rental System in C++

Ridesharing services provided by car rental applications have made life easier. You can use C++ to create a vehicle rental system and learn more about the language. The project configuration uses C++'s Format text files to store the automobile and the user's GPS coordinates within a specified radius.

You can download the Source Code here.

Intermediate C++ Projects

Here we have some of the intermediate C++ projects with source code  


Sudoku, which is available on every phone and laptop, is one of the most popular games, particularly among people who enjoy solving numerical riddles. The concept of backtracking is used in this game. The only goal of this project is to learn how to use backtracking to find rows and columns that are originally blank.

You can download the Source Code here.  

Face Detection App

This project has a lot to offer and is also fun. For face detection, it makes use of the OpenCV library. Within a few seconds, the c++ project structure has captured the face.

You can download the Source Code here.  

Helicopter Game

SDL graphics will be used in this project. The goal of the game is to drive the helicopter ahead without colliding with any objects. The user should operate the game using keys, and holding the helicopter's critical advances while releasing it brings it down.

You can download the source code here

Casino Number Guessing Game

This is a fantastic project in which we will learn about the random number library. The application prompts the user to enter a wager amount and then asks the user to predict a number on rolling. If the computed random number matches the user input, he wins; otherwise, money is reduced. The user can continue to play until he has lost all of his money.

You can download the Source Code here.

C++ Projects for Experts

Academic Search Engine

This search engine project provides academic information and records in colleges. It functions similarly to major academic search engines, allowing students to search for educational content based on titles and keywords. On a Linux platform, you'll write utilizing the QT design tool. This project will assist you in mastering numerous search options, memory management, and project plan.

You can download the Source Code here.

Bike Race Game

This bike racing game project is an application game that teaches you C++ programming and SDL capabilities. The SDL will assist you in improving the game's appearance and creating unique and user-defined features. The game's source code is simple for programmers to comprehend and use. The project will help you improve your knowledge of C syntax, functions, instructions, c project structure, and file handling.

You can download the Source Code here

3D Bounce Ball Game

The 3D bounce game is a basic console application gaming project that shows off Open Graphics Library and C++ programming skills. The game's source code is in project format, which means it has several C++ files, each with user-defined header files and methods. The projects' C files include the main.cpp project and the class.cpp project.

You can download the Source Code here.

Address Book

This assignment will improve the appearance of your CV and your understanding of data structures. All you have to do is provide the ability to add, modify and delete information from the address book. The project will need some knowledge of the C project structure and how to modify and deal with them. You can link the project to a database in the background to collect information.

You can download the Source Code here.

What are Some unique C++ Project Ideas?

Payroll Management System  

The payroll management system is an example of a C++ program project that allows you to test your knowledge of monitoring and handling payroll affairs for employees in any firm. This is helpful in financial management and organizational settings. There are multiple classes and subclasses in the project, each with its own characteristics.

Hotel Booking System

The hotel booking system is an easy-to-use system with a centralized database programming procedure. This C hotel management project performs various operations such as verifying client information, reserving a room, changing customer information, and checking allocated rooms. The project will assist you in mastering two important C concepts: file management and classes.

Data Applications

C++ project structure can store and analyze a wide range of data as C++ algorithms and flexible, object-oriented application support.

This program can import and retrieve a large number of data inputs while keeping the security aspects intact by integrating dos components. Using string functions, the application can emulate the users' preferences and personality qualities and choose the most suitable match depending on the two inputs.

Search Engine

This is the way to go if you need to kick things up a level. Building a project like this would require some outside study before proceeding. Several C++ frameworks can help with this, but understanding the necessary formats from their documentation will take some effort. This also necessitates extensive networking skills, including the ability to retrieve and show information from the database.

Top Projects to Enhance Your C++ Skills

Security Systems

Webcams and CCTVs are quite useful. Biometric and face recognition techniques, on the other hand, are being deployed in several sectors for more advanced security measures.

C++ has the potential to improve existing face recognition systems significantly. The OpenCV libraries in C++ are expected to be helpful in recognizing face characteristics on live broadcasts from video cameras or webcams. These can be useful for entrance controls since they eliminate the need for further human interaction and checking.

Trading Software

Trades and stock markets are among the world's most volatile businesses. It may change for the better or the worst in seconds. Traditionally, trailers on news channels reflect stock market developments, but, using C++, developers can create an application synchronized to stock market statistics in real-time and customize the information based on the user's requirements.

Intuitive Gadgets

C++, as a programming language that intimately interacts with embedded systems, is valuable not only in producing application software but also in linking the software and hardware aspects of the internet of things for improved interoperability. C++ may be used to program additional features and more interactive features into these devices, making them more attractive to consumers.

Which Industries Predominantly Use C++ Projects?

Here are the top industries along with examples of C++ program applications.

1) Games

C++ is close to the hardware, allows for easy resource manipulation, provides procedural programming over CPU-intensive routines, and is quick. It can also handle the intricacies of 3D games and offers multilayer networking. These advantages make C++ an excellent choice for developing gaming systems and game development suites.

2) Graphical User Interface (GUI) Applications

Because it provides the necessary characteristics, C++ can be used to construct most GUI-based C++ mini-projects and desktop apps quickly.

3) Database Management System

C++ is also employed in the development of database administration applications. C is used to create the two most popular databases, MySQL and Postgres.

 4) MYSQL Server

MySQL, a prominent database program extensively used in many real-world applications, is developed in C++. This is the most widely used open-source database in the world. Most businesses utilize this database, which is developed in C++

5) Operating Systems

Because C is a properly typed and speedy programming language, it is an excellent choice for creating operating systems. Furthermore, C++ contains a large collection of system-level functions that facilitate the growth of low-level C++  project structure programs.

6) Browsers

Browsers are used for rendering in C++. Rendering engines must be quicker in execution since most users do not appreciate waiting for a web page to load. Because of the high efficiency of C++, most browsers have their rendering software developed in C++.

Learn this versatile language developed by Microsoft through immersive hands-on training.

How Will C++ Projects Help You?

To practice learning C++, you can do many projects from easy to advance levels. These projects will teach you something new to be familiar with; the most important topics will always come in handy when building real-world projects.

Features of C++

  1. Object-Oriented Programming
  2. Machine Independent
  3. Simple to use
  4. Intermediate Level Programming Language
  5. Compiler-Based  
  6. Dynamic Memory Allocation

Importance of C++ in IT Industry

  1. The benefit of C++ is that it has access to the Standard Template Library (STL). Libraries, as we all know, are enormous collections of compiled code. The STL has access to typical data structure definitions such as a linked list, queue, stack, etc.
  2. C++ has a significant benefit because it provides facilities for working with memory allocation and de-allocation flexibly and effectively. This enables it to be used in various software packages, including browsers, word editors, spreadsheets, and even operating systems.
  3. C++ is very close to the hardware while having current capabilities, which is an upgrade over C++. This enables C++ to be utilized in the creation of compilers and interpreters. C++ is used to create JavaScript's V8 engine, the Python IDLE interpreter, and the Java interpreter - the Java Virtual Machine.
  4. The familiarity of C++ with hardware has numerous applications in embedded system software. This enables it to be utilized in security devices.
  5. C++ has one of the world's largest and friendliest communities.


In this article, we have covered 20 C++ open-source projects. Once you finish these C projects, learn a few more concepts and tackle the advanced projects. If you want to advance your skills, get your hands on these C++ project ideas and C++ projects on GitHub. Enroll in KnowledgeHut web design and development course and learn how to use C++ in web development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is C++ better than Python?

Yes, C++ is better than python in terms of performance, speed, and vast application areas.

2. What can I develop with C++?

You can do the following:

  1. Game development
  2. Machine learning
  3. Operating systems
  4. Web browsers
  5. Databases
  6. IoT devices
  7. Financial tools
  8. Flight software

3. Can C ++be used for Web development?

Yes, you can use C++ for Web development if your application gives the appropriate interface.

4. Is C++ still in demand in 2023?

C++ is still in demand as it is a swift and efficient language. Many frameworks rely on the speed and efficiency of C++.

5. Where is C++ used in the real world?

GUI Applications

Web Browsers

Operating Systems


Database Management System

Cloud Computing and Distributed Applications

6. Can C++ be used for AI?

Yes, C++ can be used in AI in games, robot locomotion, and rapid execution of projects.

7. How long will it take to learn C++?

It'll take at least 3-4 months to learn C++.  

8. Is C++ different from C#?

Yes, C++ is different from C#. C compiles to machine code, whereas C# compiles to CLR. C++ requires manual memory management, but C# runs in a virtual machine that can handle memory management automatically. Pointers are not used in C#, while pointers can be used anywhere in C++.

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Explore 19+ C++ Projects with Source Code
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