.NET 7 and C# 11 are packed with new features that can help you write more efficient, secure, and maintainable code. In this video, we'll take a deep dive into the most important new features, including:

  • Generic math
  • Raw string literals
  • File-local types
  • Required members
  • And more!

We'll also show you how to use these new features in your own code, so you can start taking advantage of them today.

So what we will cover today:  
00:00 Intro
01:24 Areas of improvements
09:15 ASP.NET Core improvements
12:35 C#11
14:02 Coding Setup 
18:24 Upgrading from .Net to .Net 7
22:25 Implicite Service Injection
31:28 Enabling C# 11 in the project
33:48 C# 11 String interpolation
35:59 Parameter null-checking

#csharp  #dotnet 

Master the New Features in .NET 7 and C# 11 (Preview 2)
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