In this video we looked into the libraries that can be used to develop an application that talks to Kubernetes API server to do certain thing.
We also looked into the versioning and compatibility of the client-go library and actually wrote an application to get all the pods from the default namespace.

00:00 Introduction
00:20 Agenda
01:02 Programs that talk to Kubernetes cluster
02:07 Libraries that are used
03:50 client-go library
06:10 api library
07:37 apimachinery
09:18 Writing an app to get all the pods from default namespace
15:12 client-go and k8s server version compatibility
18:24 Continue writing the application
33:10 Getting the deployment from a namespace
35:48 Ways to run, written program
38:19 API Versioning
40:37 Summary
40:58 Like and Subscribe

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Developing Kubernetes Native Apps with client-go Library
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