Learn how to build a complete REST API, step by step, using ASP.NET Core and the C# language.

⭐️ Topics ⭐️
00:00 Module 1: Welcome!
00:17 What this tutorial covers
01:40 What you are going to build
09:59 Is this course for you?
10:27 Software prerequisites
11:18 Introduction to ASP.NET Core
16:37 Development environment setup

21:30 Module 2: Creating a .NET REST API
22:04 ASP.NET Core Web API Essentials
28:26 Creating a Web API project
38:09 Building and debugging a Web API project
43:45 Adding the Game Entity
55:06 Implementing a GET ALL endpoint
58:34 Using Postman
01:02:43 Implementing a GET BY ID endpoint
01:08:31 Implementing the POST endpoint
01:16:58 Implementing the PUT endpoint
01:24:21 Implementing the DELETE endpoint

01:28:32 Module 3: Code organization and validations
01:28:58 Using Route Groups
01:32:25 Adding Server-Side Validation
01:36:35 Introduction to NuGet
01:38:46 Using NuGet packages
01:43:22 Refactoring the endpoints

01:50:45 Module 4: Using design patterns and best practices
01:51:17 Introduction to the repository pattern
01:53:00 Adding the Games Repository
02:03:40 Understanding Dependency Injection
02:08:37 Understanding Service Lifetimes
02:12:35 Using Dependency Injection
02:24:20 Understanding Data Transfer Objects
02:26:43 Using Data Transfer Objects

02:38:48 Module 5: Configuring the API to connect to SQL Server
02:39:15 Introduction to Docker
02:40:55 Running SQL Server as a Docker container
02:54:41 Reading configuration from appsettings.json
03:00:47 Storing secrets for local development
03:03:21 Using Secret Manager to store a connection string

03:08:55 Module 6: Using Entity Framework Core
03:09:25 Introduction to Entity Framework Core
03:13:20 Creating the DBContext
03:21:15 Generating database migrations
03:28:15 Configuring entities for database migration
03:34:34 Applying a database migration
03:37:55 Applying migrations on startup
03:44:58 Implementing an Entity Framework repository
03:51:47 Using the Entity Framework repository
04:00:37 Understanding the Asynchronous Programming Model
04:04:02 Using the asynchronous programming model

04:16:09 Next Steps

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ASP.NET Core for Beginners: A Complete Guide
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