Generator SLS: Golang-Powered Serverless Magic

Generator Serverless

Yeoman generator for a lambda Serverless project



  • Language of choice (Go 1.11, Python 2.7+, NodeJS 6+, .NET Core 2+, Java 8)
  • Yeoman >= V1.8.5

Generator installation

you are going to need Yeoman:

npm install -g yo

Install the generator:

npm i -g generator-sls


Base generator

Once the link established, you can use it right away. Create a new directory where you want your project to be and run it:

mkdir lambda-service
cd lambda-service
yo sls

It will prompt some questions you need to answer to configure your project. Default values are specified between parenthesis. You now have a starter skeleton for a lambda project!


After creating project/service, you can easily add a function/route by using the subgenerator. In the root directory of your project, run:

yo sls:route

Just like the base generator, it will prompt you to give the function(s) name(s). It creates the handler files and modify the serverless.yml file according to.

Unit Testing

Generator unit tests


Project unit tests

For every route created with the generator, a corresponding basic unit test file is added.


  • Support of AWS SAM
  • Support of Serverless
  • Local Invoke/Debug
  • Supports Go 1.11, Python 2.7+, .NET Core 2+, Java 8+


  • Support of Go :white_check_mark:
  • Support of NodeJS :clock8:
  • Support of Python :white_check_mark:
  • Support of Java :white_check_mark:
  • Support of C# :white_check_mark:
  • Support of different types of events for lambda function,
  • Simplifying local invoke/debug of lambda or apis (Support of SAM)
  • Orchestration and support of domains
  • Deployment using (Terraform, Amplify, SAM, Apex, or Serverless)
  • Auto generate scripts for simplifying serverless development in different IDEs (Visual Studio Code, Intellij, PyCharm, WebStorm, and Goland)
  • Choose Unit test framework to be used


Download Details:

Author: msolimans
Source Code: 
License: MIT license

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Generator SLS: Golang-Powered Serverless Magic
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